Fedora Update Notification
2018-11-15 02:28:04.681292

Name        : subscription-manager
Product     : Fedora 28
Version     : 1.24.2
Release     : 1.fc28
URL         : https://www.candlepinproject.org/
Summary     : Tools and libraries for subscription and repository management
Description :
The Subscription Manager package provides programs and libraries to allow users
to manage subscriptions and yum repositories from the Red Hat entitlement

Update Information:

This is a primarily maintenance update. Please see the attached bugs for more
specific details on what has improved as far as stability is concerned.  There
is also a larger new feature which is being released in concert with work being
done in Katello / Foreman. Subscription-manager has a concept of a package-
profile. This contains information on all installed rpm packages for the system
on which it is running.  We have expanded this reporting capability to include
information on enabled and installed modules from modulemd as well as to report
on which repositories this system has enabled presently.  This information is
combined into a group of reports and submitted to the same endpoint on Katello /
Foreman.   The new request is a PUT to /consumers/{consumer_uuid}/profiles. This
is done only when the string "combined_reporting" in the managerCapabilities key
of the response to a GET /status.  The old just rpm profile reporting is still
done as a PUT to /consumers/{consumer_uuid}/packages. This is at this point only
done if the server side does not support the new capability.  More will likely
be added in the future to further expand on this capability of reporting.

* Mon Nov  5 2018 Christopher Snyder  1.24.2-1
- 1645205: Do not update ent certs inside containers ([email protected])
- 1633304: Disable zypper product-id plugin. ([email protected])
- Fedora documentation guidelines favor global over define. ([email protected])
- Show installed profiles only for enabled modules ([email protected])
- 1631339: Fix os.errno issue ([email protected])
- Add a missing comma in test_cache ([email protected])
- Add module enabled and disabled information ([email protected])
- 1636381: Fix up our detection of missing org for service-level list
  ([email protected])
- 1616403: Better handling of missing locale use ([email protected])
- 1636381: Handle case of nonexistant org ([email protected])
- Add scripts to setup local development environment ([email protected])
- 1633380: Add syspurpose compliance status cache - Altered the syspurpose
  compliance status connection call to use the
  /consumers/{uuid}/purpose_compliance API instead of fetching the consumer
  object and reading the syspurpose compliance field off of it. - Added new
  syspurpose compliance status cache saved in
  /var/lib/rhsm/cache/syspurpose_compliance_status.json similar to the
  entitlement status cache. - When the server is unreachable, we don't
  traceback, but rather use the new cache value instead. ([email protected])
- 1639625: Tolerate server missing syspurpose fields ([email protected])
- 1639086: Fix vendor comparison ([email protected])
- Includes the installed module profiles ([email protected])
- 1623390: Fix unregistered messaging in syspurpose ([email protected])
- 1637183: Replace redhat-uep.pem properly ([email protected])
- 1632797: Only save SLA set during register or attach if specified
  ([email protected])
- Updated how syspurpose handles unsetting values ([email protected])
- Update man page for report_package_profile option ([email protected])
- Automatic commit of package [subscription-manager] release [1.24.1-1].
  ([email protected])
- 1616366: Use LANG from environment ([email protected])
- syspurpose no longer supresses JSON malformation errors ([email protected])
- Rename zypper plugin to rhsm ([email protected])
- 1632384: Sync SLA regardless of capability: ([email protected])
- 1621783: Updated syspurpose fields to match expected values ([email protected])
- 1632248: User should be able to set/unset while not registered
  ([email protected])
- 1633575: Update error message when syspurpose is not supported by server
  ([email protected])
- 1614925: Fix grammar ([email protected])
* Mon Oct 15 2018 Christopher Snyder  1.24.1-1
- Rename zypper plugin to rhsm ([email protected])
- 1632384: Sync SLA regardless of capability: ([email protected])
- 1621783: Updated syspurpose fields to match expected values ([email protected])
- 1633575: Update error message when syspurpose is not supported by server
  ([email protected])
- 1614925: Fix grammar ([email protected])
- Added support of modulemd to combined profile; ENT-834 ([email protected])
- 1620136: dnf plugin deletes prod cert as expected; ENT-773
  ([email protected])
- 1615944: Show help when no args are provided ([email protected])
- 1614943: Fix bytes/unicode handling of dmi data ([email protected])
- 1618825: Rename de_DE.po and es_ES.po ([email protected])
- Combined profile: WIP enabled repos ([email protected])
- Added list of enabled repos to combined profile; ENT-833 ([email protected])
- 1607955: WIP: polishing PR with bug fix of release --list
  ([email protected])
- Fixed name of capability and added two unit tests. ([email protected])
- Explict requires added for package we use directly ([email protected])
- 1581410: Eliminate potential for circular dependency ([email protected])
- 1631076: subscription-manager rpm now requires python3-syspurpose
  ([email protected])
- For tito build, clean the yarn cache ([email protected])
- Fix ubuntu compat for virt-who travis runs ([email protected])
- Fix RPMDiff issue with multilib ([email protected])
- Use Combined Profile reporting ([email protected])
- 1629073: No python3-dmidecode on aarch64, ppc64le ([email protected])
- Simplify and fix subpackages logic ([email protected])
- 1614653: Update intermediate CA ([email protected])
- Fix spelling to capitalize Workstation properly ([email protected])
- 1607955: Try to use all entitlement certs for connection with CDN
  ([email protected])
- Use pre-provisioned centos7 box ([email protected])
- Vagrant: use ansible-role-subman-devel via galaxy ([email protected])
- Vagrant: skip provisioning if var needs_provision is false
  ([email protected])
* Mon Sep 10 2018 Christopher Snyder  1.24.0-1
- Use the "service_level_agreement" attribute for the SlaCommand
  ([email protected])
- 1623262: Make automatic enablement of yum plugins working again; ENT-820
  ([email protected])
- Start releasing to f29 ([email protected])
* Thu Aug 30 2018 Christopher Snyder  1.23.4-1
- 1600694: Log dbus exception tracebacks at the debug level
  ([email protected])
- 1623368: Register a system without a syspurpose.json file
  ([email protected])
- Revert "Add sles version to dist" ([email protected])
- 1596699: Handle non-existant rhsm-debug destination (ENT-780)
  ([email protected])
- Sync system purpose for sub-man subcommands ([email protected])
- Add man page for syspurpose. ([email protected])
- 1613968: DNF product-id plugin can install product cert; ENT-789
  ([email protected])
- Add sles version to dist ([email protected])
- Remove extraneous include in setup() ([email protected])
- Updated translations (csnyde[email protected])
- 1596001: Change syspurpose import error log level to debug level
  ([email protected])
- 1602702: rhsmcertd did not close lock file; ENT-736 ([email protected])
- Adds the addons set of commands to syspurpose ([email protected])
- 1581445: ENT-564: rhsm configuration manage_repos is not working on RHEL8
  ([email protected])
- Fix time stamps of pyc files ([email protected])
* Mon Aug 13 2018 Christopher Snyder  1.23.3-1
- 1606435: Rename the async module for compatibility with python 3.7; ENT-737
  ([email protected])
- Cockpit/Syspurpose service integration fix ([email protected])
- Display both new and old value in syspurpose diff message
  ([email protected])
- Fix sending single value of addons. ([email protected])
- Fix synchronization of usage with candlepin ([email protected])
- 1596294: Fix displayin RHSM Spoke in Initial Setup ([email protected])
- Syspurpose field value lists [ENT-766] ([email protected])
- ENT-717: Syncing of syspurpose store with candlepin ([email protected])
- 1609048: Replacement of imp module with importlib; ENT-758
  ([email protected])
* Fri Aug  3 2018 Christopher Snyder  1.23.2-1
- Move "nose" to test requirements for syspurpose ([email protected])
* Fri Aug  3 2018 Christopher Snyder  1.23.1-1
- Integrate Syspurpose DBus Signal with Cockpit ([email protected])
- Change usage_type to usage ([email protected])
- ENT-715 Sync syspurpose with server ([email protected])
- 1609052: DNF Plugin needs config initiated earlier ([email protected])
- 1608963: Minimize packaging for python 3 ([email protected])
- Improve test setup for syspurpose tests. ([email protected])
- Two simple fixes for syspurpose ([email protected])
- Raise ioerr when necessary during sp read ([email protected])
- ENT-720 Adds the addons subcommand ([email protected])
- 1602056: Added role subcommand ENT-719 ([email protected])
- Replace lsb-release in spec and Makefile ([email protected])
- Mock out syspurpose code from being executed in subman tests
  ([email protected])
- ENT-584 syspurpose UTF-8 support & better formatting - All syspurpose
  operations now support UTF-8 - syspurpose.json now has user-friendly
  indentation ([email protected])
- ENT-446 Report systempurpose on registration ([email protected])
- 1512944: Fix up remaining python2 deps ENT-724 ([email protected])
- ENT-721: Usage command ([email protected])
- ENT-590 Enhanced SyspurposeStore add/remove operations - 'add' will now not
  override an existing value that was added by the 'set' command, but it will
  be maintained and added in a list along with the newly added value. - 'add'
  will now not add an element to a list if the list already contains it (no
  duplicates). - 'remove' will now unset the current value, if that turns out
  to be scalar instead of being contained in a list. ([email protected])
- Move syspurpose out of packages directory. ([email protected])
- Correct small problems in syspurpose. ([email protected])
- ansible vagrant QOL fixes ([email protected])
- ENT-723: Add System Purpose Status to System Status output
  ([email protected])
- Improve debug logging for release listing ([email protected])
- Remove other references to python-kitchen. ([email protected])
- Make build_ext a proper dependency. ([email protected])
- Add zanata.xml configuration file and gettext keys.pot ([email protected])
- Move clean command to common build_ext module. ([email protected])
- Only gather optparse strings in subscription-manager. ([email protected])
- Move syspurpose source files to be under package directory.
  ([email protected])
- Look for source files based on package directory locations.
  ([email protected])
- Add gettext calls to syspurpose. ([email protected])
- Load build_ext i18n commands in setup.py ([email protected])
- Integrate Dbus signals with Cockpit GUI ([email protected])
- Do not install subman-gui from setup.py by default ([email protected])
- ENT-591 Handle when syspurpose.json is missing & create it.
  ([email protected])
- Fix indeterminate unit test failure. ([email protected])
- Removal of python-kitchen ([email protected])
- ENT-731 Replaced syspurpose 'offerings' commands with 'role': - Removed
  commands 'add-offerings', 'remove-offerings', 'unset-offerings' - Added
  commands 'set-role' and 'unset-role' ([email protected])
- ENT-589 Intentctl -> syspurpose ([email protected])
- ENT-710: Add three_way_merge utility function ([email protected])
- ENT-477: Add signal EntitlementsChanged ([email protected])
- ENT-476: Add signal InstalledProductsChanged ([email protected])
- 1594733: Fix GetStatus in com.redhat.RHSM1.Entitlement ENT-641
  ([email protected])
- Make vagrant setup more flexible ([email protected])
- ENT-475: Add signal ConfigChanged ([email protected])
- 1581777: Reraise exception properly. ENT-566 ([email protected])
- Replace curly quote with straight quote ([email protected])
- Add implementation of filesystem watcher ([email protected])
- 1581410: ENT-572: subman should require dnf-plugin-subscription-manager
  ([email protected])
- ENT-478 com.redhat.RHSM1.Consumer D-Bus service object ([email protected])
- 1576423: Polished changes provided in #1816 and added unit test.
  ([email protected])
* Fri Jun 22 2018 Christopher Snyder  1.22.1-1
- 1571998: Ignore HTB repos ([email protected])
- 1589296: subman list option --after now named --afterdate
  ([email protected])
- 1558411: Begin building dnf-plugin-subscription-manager for RHEL 7
  ([email protected])
- Use constant defined in cerdirectory.py. ([email protected])
- 1553266: When d-bus methods are unavailable, show appropriate message. *
  Added a "safe call" mechanism that makes the initial dbus calls
  (entitlementService, configService, productsService) only if the service is
  available, tries to restart the rhsm service if possible, and otherwise
  failing gracefully. * Added new UI curtain that provides a meaningful message
  and advice to the end user. * Re-added utility method statusUpdateFailed that
  was accidentally deleted. ([email protected])
- 1580996: Fix comparision of objects in Python 3 (ENT-578)
  ([email protected])
- Make xauth Idempotent again ([email protected])
- Fixes missing locale issues while running nosetests ([email protected])
- Remove freezegun ([email protected])
- 1576582: Make rhsm.full_fresh_on_yum=1 working again (ENT-534)
  ([email protected])
- ansible-fix: fixed ansible failing during vagrant up ([email protected])
- Update the license of the subman-cockpit-plugin to GPLv2 ([email protected])
- 1510920: Allow access to job cancellation API ([email protected])
- ENT-447 Add icons to RPM package for subman cockpit plugin
  ([email protected])
* Fri Jun  8 2018 Christopher Snyder  1.22.0-1
- Remove F26 from releasers (Fedora 26 EOL) ([email protected])
* Thu Jun  7 2018 Christopher Snyder  1.21.5-1
- Fix python-rhsm Provides and Obsoletes ([email protected])
- 1568609: Updated man page for --after list option ([email protected])
- Get Initial Setup Addon to run during installation in Vagrant
  ([email protected])
- ENT-447 Create .desktop file that opens web page with our cockpit plugin
  ([email protected])
- ENT-481 service-level command & options now update syspurpose metadata
  ([email protected])
- 1560727: Search for proxy auth message in whole error string
  ([email protected])
- 1555384: get_libexecdir now returns a string instead of bytes
  ([email protected])
- Added generic set/unset and add/remove commands to syspurpose
  ([email protected])
- ENT-488 syspurpose now warns if running in container ([email protected])
- 1574706: Create python2-subscription-manager-rhsm properly
  ([email protected])
- Automatic rebuilding of updates.img on PXE Server ([email protected])
- 1574529: Fix rhsmcertd integer overflow on i386 & i686 ([email protected])
- Respecting proxy port configured in rhsm.conf ([email protected])
* Tue May  1 2018 Christopher Snyder  1.21.4-3
- Add dist back to release ([email protected])
* Tue May  1 2018 Christopher Snyder  1.21.4-2
- Add missing buildrequires to fix upstream fedora python2 builds
  ([email protected])
* Tue May  1 2018 Christopher Snyder  1.21.4-1
- Stop building subscription-manager-gui, when Python 3 is used
  ([email protected])
- Remove kitchen from install_requires ([email protected])
* Wed Apr 25 2018 Christopher Snyder  1.21.3-1
- 1439645: Perform a full entitlement refresh in the yum/dnf/zypper plugins
  ([email protected])
- 1527727: Add proc_stat.btime fact ([email protected])
- 1568214: rhsmcertd no longer uses reload on py3 ([email protected])
- 1559227: Do not use str format for python 2.6 ([email protected])
- 1425766: Additional message in status to indicate content access
  ([email protected])
- Adds a new cli utility 'syspurpose' ([email protected])
- 1559227: Do not log Error messages for missing identity cert/key
  ([email protected])
- 1458159: python-dmidecode bug fix requires specific RPM release.
  ([email protected])
- fix for proxy-server provisioning - resolving of 'candlepin.example.com'
  ([email protected])
- 1458159: Require latest version of python-dmidecode ([email protected])
- 1551044: Add the option to build both python{3,2}-subscription-manager-rhsm
  ([email protected])
- 1559743: Reduce log level of network address fact collection to debug
  ([email protected])
- added a vagrant section for a VM for proxy-server ([email protected])
- ansible role rhsm-services and TESTING.md document ([email protected])
- Fix updates.img to include required Python packages ([email protected])
- Do not remove existing zypper repos when disconnected ([email protected])
- Apply updates.img druing PXE boot ([email protected])
- Do not use private network addresses for vagrant hostmanager
  ([email protected])
- Adds tool to make updates.img file for use with anaconda ([email protected])
- 1554482: Reenable RHUI support ([email protected])
- Fix building on SLES 11 ([email protected])
- Added PXE BOOT client to the Vagrant setup ([email protected])
- New Vagrant file for creating PXEBOOT server ([email protected])
- 1551386: Cannot put unicode into gtk for button label ([email protected])
- 1551465: Fix unicode decode issue on py 2.6 ([email protected])
- Remove unneeded spec file directives ([email protected])

  [ 1 ] Bug #1553266 - Oops! in subscription-manager-cockpit TypeError: f.GetStatus is not a function
  [ 2 ] Bug #1434493 - CVE-2017-2663 subscription-manager: unsafe dbus interface [fedora-all]
  [ 3 ] Bug #1612282 - Man page scan results for subscription-manager
  [ 4 ] Bug #1564735 - subscription-manager-rhsm subpackage has been dropped on Fedora 27
  [ 5 ] Bug #1505955 - claims "subscription required" which is false on Fedora
  [ 6 ] Bug #1156510 - [rfe] use dnf instead of yum (if dnf is installed)
  [ 7 ] Bug #1598514 - [RFE] Set owner/group/umask for /etc/pki/entitlement/ certs
  [ 8 ] Bug #1446256 - [RFE] Too large dependency chain

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