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          PACKAGE : snort
          SUMMARY : Multiple Vulnerabilities in Snort Preprocessors
             DATE : 2003-04-28 07:07 UTC
          EXPLOIT : remote
VERSIONS AFFECTED : =snort-2.0.0
              CVE : CAN-2003-0209 CAN-2003-0033

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New (and correct) ID and updated CVE link.

- From advisories:

"The Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team has learned of an integer overflow
in the Snort stream4 preprocessor used by the Sourcefire Network Sensor
product line. The Snort stream4 preprocessor (spp_stream4) incorrectly
calculates segment size parameters during stream reassembly for certain
sequence number ranges which can lead to an integer overflow that can be
expanded to a heap overflow.

The Snort stream4 flaw may lead to a denial of service (DoS) attack or
remote command execution on a host running Snort. This attack can be launched
by crafting TCP stream packets and transmitting them over a network segment
that is being monitored by a vulnerable Snort implementation. In its
default configuration, certain versions of snort are vulnerable to this
attack, as is the default configuration of the Snort IDS."

"Remote attackers may exploit the buffer overflow condition to run
arbitrary code on a Snort sensor with the privileges of the Snort IDS
process, which typically runs as the superuser. The vulnerable
preprocessor is enabled by default. It is not necessary to establish an
actual connection to a RPC portmapper service to exploit this

Read the full advisories at: 


It is recommended that all Gentoo Linux users who are running
net-analyzer/snort upgrade to snort-2.0.0 as follows:

emerge sync
emerge snort
emerge clean