MGASA-2021-0452 - Updated apache-mod_auth_openidc packages fix security vulnerability

Publication date: 02 Oct 2021
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases: 8
CVE: CVE-2021-32786,

In versions prior to 2.4.9, `oidc_validate_redirect_url()` does not parse
URLs the same way as most browsers do. As a result, this function can be
bypassed and leads to an Open Redirect vulnerability in the logout
functionality. (CVE-2021-32786)

In mod_auth_openidc before version 2.4.9, the AES GCM encryption in
mod_auth_openidc uses a static IV and AAD. It is important to fix because
this creates a static nonce and since aes-gcm is a stream cipher, this can
lead to known cryptographic issues, since the same key is being reused.

In mod_auth_openidc before version 2.4.9, there is an XSS vulnerability in
when using `OIDCPreservePost On`. (CVE-2021-32792)

-[email protected]/thread/FZVF6BSJLRQZ7PFFR4X5JSU6KUJYNOCU/
-[email protected]/thread/54B4RYNP5L63X2FMX2QCVYB2LGLL42IY/

- 8/core/apache-mod_auth_openidc-