MGASA-2021-0592 - Updated nodejs packages fix security vulnerability

Publication date: 30 Dec 2021
Type: security
Affected Mageia releases: 8
CVE: CVE-2021-22959,

HTTP Request Smuggling due to spaces in headers. The http parser accepts
requests with a space (SP) right after the header name before the colon.
This can lead to HTTP Request Smuggling (HRS). (CVE-2021-22959)
HTTP Request Smuggling when parsing the body. The parse ignores chunk
extensions when parsing the body of chunked requests. This leads to HTTP
Request Smuggling (HRS) under certain conditions. (CVE-2021-22960)

-[email protected]/thread/EUZYFCI7N4TFZSIGA7WGZ4Q7V3EK76GH/

- 8/core/nodejs-14.18.1-1.1.mga8