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    Dist Scientific
    SciLinux: Important: thunderbird on SL7.x x86_64
    Date25 Jan 2019
    CategoryScientific Linux
    Hits: 369

    This update upgrades Thunderbird to version 60.4.0. * Mozilla: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 64 and Firefox ESR 60.4 (CVE-2018-12405) * chromium-browser, firefox: ...

    Dist Scientific
    SciLinux: Important: perl on SL7.x x86_64
    Date22 Jan 2019
    CategoryScientific Linux
    Hits: 328

    perl: Integer overflow leading to buffer overflow in Perl_my_setenv() (CVE-2018-18311) SL7 x86_64 perl-5.16.3-294.el7_6.x86_64.rpm ...

    Dist Scientific
    SciLinux: Important: libvncserver on SL7.x x86_64
    Date15 Jan 2019
    CategoryScientific Linux
    Hits: 386

    libvncserver: Heap out-of-bounds write in rfbserver.c in rfbProcessFileTransferReadBuffer() allows for potential code execution (CVE-2018-15127) SL7 x86_64 libvncserver-0.9.9-13....

    Dist Scientific
    SciLinux: Important: systemd on SL7.x x86_64
    Date14 Jan 2019
    CategoryScientific Linux
    Hits: 365

    systemd: Out-of-bounds heap write in systemd-networkd dhcpv6 option handling (CVE-2018-15688) * systemd: stack overflow when calling syslog from a command ...

    Dist Scientific
    SciLinux: Important: keepalived on SL7.x x86_64
    Date03 Jan 2019
    CategoryScientific Linux
    Hits: 133

    keepalived: Heap-based buffer overflow when parsing HTTP status codes allows for denial of service or possibly arbitrary code execution (CVE-2018...

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