Crypto tool predicts password cracking time

    Date15 Jul 2010
    Posted ByAnthony Pell
    Instead of indicating password quality via coloured bars, the Windows crypto tool Thor's Godly Privacy (TGP) informs users about the estimated time required for a successful brute-force attack on the chosen password. TGP calculates the time from the number of iterations a brute-force tool would need to arrive at the correct character combination. The calculation is based on a Class F attack with a throughput of 1 billion passwords per second and a key space of 96 that contains all lower and upper case letters as well as all numbers and special characters, brackets etc (961 + 962 + 963 + 964 + ...). However, TGP not only returns the time required for trying out the entire key space, it also gives an estimated time for the specific password in question; 10
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