Cybersecurity coordinator Howard Schmidt also announces release of unclassified version of Obama administration's plan for securing government, private industry networks. During a Town Hall meeting session here today, the nation's new cybersecurity czar mapped out his top priorities in the post and provided a glimpse at how the Obama administration might handle security issues with other countries.
In a keynote address earlier in the day, national cybersecurity coordinator Howard Schmidt also announced that the White House was releasing an unclassified version of its plan for securing government and private industry networks -- the so-called Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative, which is now available for download from the White House Website (PDF).

Among Schmidt's priorities are the "resilience" of federal government networks and ensuring those networks are properly secured, and ensuring that private-sector partners also have sufficiently secured systems and networks. "The government is not going to secure the private sector," Schmidt said. "[But] we are making sure our [private sector] partners have more security as part of what we're doing."

And when it comes to security incident response (IR), he says, these firms have not had a central point of contact. He says he's looking over IR issues for these partners, who want to know who to call when an incident occurs and how to protect their intellectual property. Schmidt says he also wants to ensure state and local governments have law enforcement cyber operations.

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