America takes national security very seriously and that applies, too, to Internet security, with no-less than President Obama going online with a video address calling on all Americans to heed a cybersecurity call-to-action and for government, the private sector and everyday citizens to focus on their own responsibilities for security on the net.
What the United States is doing to raise awareness about cyber security is just as important for all Australians, state and federal governments, government agencies and business and industry, and a timely message that all of us need to be on our guard to the multitude of cyberthreats circulating around the Internet.

This month is national cyber security month in the US, with hundreds of federal, state and local government agencies, companies, non-profits and everyday citizens deploying themselves to educate millions of Americans about the importance of online security to themselves, their communities and the nation.

The link for this article located at IT Wire is no longer available.