Attacking USB Devices: Hackers Going Old School

    Date02 Mar 2007
    Posted ByBill Keys
    Researchers at the Internet Storm Center say at least a few hackers have gone old school.

    Kevin Liston, a handler at the Internet Storm Center, wrote in an online diary Friday that there are a handful of viruses roaming around the Internet targeting USB removable media think thumb drives and other storage devices. Win32.Agent.WJ and VBS.Solow.E are just two of them.

    "This harkens back to the old days of floppy-disk boot-sector viruses," he writes.

    Johannes Ullrich, chief research officer at the SANS Institute and chief technology officer for the Internet Storm Center, says the viruses are somewhat common malware but their gimmick is that they are focused on rather unsuspecting targets. If a user's computer is infected with one of them, the malware automatically will look for a device plugged into the USB port. If there's a thumb drive there, for example, it will download itself onto it and wait for the user to click on it and start the active infection.

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