Ethics, Hacking, and Religion

    Date09 May 2006
    Posted ByBenjamin D. Thomas
    If you ask any stranger on the street what they think about hackers, you will probably get a surly look followed by a negative comment. The reason for this is simple — over 80% of computer users have been affected by a "hacking" incident. Whether it is a stolen credit card or virus attacks, the media has labeled the people behind such activity with the term "hacker." I am not going to bore you with the semantics of hacker, cracker, whitehat, and blackhat, because you can look those terms all over the internet. The point is that not all hackers are bad. In fact, most hackers stay on the legitimate side of the law and use their talents to create new technologies that you benefit from. For example, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, the founders of Apple, are often labeled as hackers.

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