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NordVPN suffered a breach nineteen months ago, which has only recently been disclosed to the public. VPN security in general is questionable. What VPNs do you use, and why should they be considered trustworthy? Learn more about the NordVPN breach in an interesting Schneier on Security article:

There was asuccessful attackagainst NordVPN.The breach happened nineteen months ago, but the company is only just disclosing it to the public. We don't know exactly what was stolen and how it affects VPN security. More details are needed.

VPNs are a shadowy world. We use them to protect our Internet traffic when we're on a network we don't trust, but we're forced to trust the VPN instead. Recommendationsarehard. NordVPN'swebsitesays that the company is based in Panama. Do we have any reason to trust it at all?

The link for this article located at Schneier on Security is no longer available.