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New malware hides as legit nginx process on e-commerce servers


eCommerce servers are being targeted with remote access malware that hides on Nginx servers in a way that makes it virtually invisible to security solutions. “NginRAT essentially hijacks a host Nginx application to stay undetected. To do that, NginRAT modifies core functionality of the Linux host system. When the legitimate Nginx web server uses such functionality (eg dlopen), NginRAT intercepts it to inject itself.”

These stealthy hackers avoid Windows but target Linux as they look to steal phone data


The stealthy LightBasin hacking group (also known as UNC1945) is infiltrating telecommunications companies around the world in a campaign that researchers have linked to intelligence gathering and cyber espionage. LightBasin's primary focus is on Linux and Solaris servers that are critical for running telecommunications infrastructure – and are likely to have less security measures in place than Windows systems. 

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