A collection of new security vulnerabilities called LogoFAIL has been discovered hiding with the Unified Extensible Firmware Interfaces (UEFI) that we use for booting almost all modern computing devices. Linux or Windows, ARM or x86, it doesn't matter -- they're all vulnerable to these flaws!

This threat has been lurking in systems for decades. What makes it particularly concerning is the wide range of impacted consumer and enterprise-grade computers. The core of LogoFAIL is its exploitation of logos displayed on the device screen during the early boot process while UEFI is still running.  

Exploits occur during the earliest stages of the boot process. Hence, the attacks bypass UEFI defenses, such as Microsoft Secure Boot and Intel Secure Boot, that are meant to block bootkit infections.

If you are vulnerable, you must make sure no one can get into the device in the first place. This requires patching your operating system and programs against all known attacks. Firmware fixes are on the way, but in the meantime, lock down your systems as much as you can so a LogoFAIL attacker doesn't gain a foothold. 

I found the article linked below helpful in understanding the specifics of this exploit and how to secure my systems against it. Check it out!