Google has released a new tool that allows administrators at firms using Google Apps to remotely reset cookies to ensure that sensitive data cannot be accessed if a device is lost or stolen.
Google Apps software engineer Will Smit said in a blog post that the feature offers improved cloud security for organisations concerned that more information is being stored in the cloud than ever before.

"The ability to access your data from virtually anywhere enables higher productivity but, like traditional systems that don't run in the cloud, security concerns can arise if a user loses a computer or mobile device that can access sensitive information," he said.

"Starting today, administrators can easily invalidate a user's active connection to Google Apps services from the control panel. More specifically, administrators can now reset a user's sign-in cookies to help prevent unauthorised access to their account."

Smit explained that the system will log a user out from all web browser sessions, and require new authentication the next time that user attempts to access any Google Apps.