Internet infrastructure and services company OpenDNS has reached a major landmark by snagging one percent of all Internet users worldwide, according to analytics firm Quantcast. While it doesn't sound like very much, that adds up to 18 million global users, and given that most organisations get their DNS services from their ISPs, OpenDNS is the largest single provider of DNS services. Furthermore, its use has doubled in the past year, despite the emergence of a powerful new competitor after Google launched its own DNS service last December.
According to Allison Rhodes, OpenDNS's director of marketing, the growth in customers has been "stealthy and consistent" around the world, ever since the company's 2006 launch. The company's progress was not knocked off course by the Google announcement, quite the reverse in fact. "The launch of Google DNS absolutely raised awareness about DNS in general. We saw a surge in growth immediately following Google's announcement. We saw Google's introduction of its DNS service as a very positive thing for OpenDNS," she said.

OpenDNS is used particularly by organisations looking for additional security and better web content filtering. It numbers 25,000 schools among its customers. The recently expressed concerns about social media sites, has helped drive up those numbers. "OpenDNS is the easiest way for parents to create a controlled, safer Internet experience in their household. We have a high adoption in the UK among parents looking to keep kids safe online and we attribute it to that reason," said Rhodes.

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