27.Tablet Connections Blocks Lock

Everything about IT has changed, but our security measures are still built around how we used to design software and systems. Where does security need to catch up with digital transformation - and how? Learn more:

With the C-suite laying the gauntlet down for digital transformation in the enterprise — tying swift software delivery and market-adaptable tech services directly into core value propositions — many IT departments are entering an enlightenment period. CIOs, chief digital officers, DevOps visionaries, and plenty of collaborative tech industry luminaries have spurred on drastic changes in the past few years in how software is delivered, how infrastructure is run, and what IT architecture looks like.

These changes are already starting to be felt by security teams. But most in the industry have managed to muddle through some of the earliest stages of these transformative shifts clinging tentatively to the status quo. It's uncertain how long it will take, but those in that old guard are headed toward a wall of disruption.