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Does your company utilize AI or ML? Artificial intelligence and machine learning bring new vulnerabilities along with their benefits. Learn how several companies have minimized their risk in this informative CSO article:

When enterprises adopt new technology, security is often on the back burner. It can seem more important to get new products or services to customers and internal users as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost. Good security can be slow and expensive.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) offer all the same opportunities for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations as earlier technological advances, but they also have unique risks. As enterprises embark on major AI-powered digital transformations, those risks may become greater than what we've seen before.

AI and ML require more data, and more complex data, than other technologies. The algorithms used have been developed by mathematicians and data scientists and come out of research projects. Meanwhile, the volume and processing requirements mean that the workloads are typically handled by cloud platforms, which add yet another level of complexity and vulnerability.

The link for this article located at CSO Online is no longer available.