Nvidia has patched several serious security flaws affecting Windows...


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Nvidia has patched several serious security flaws affecting Windows and Linux devices

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Nvidia has patched several serious security vulnerabilities affecting Windows and Linux devices. These flaws could lead to privilege escalation or denial of service if left unpatched.


Nvidia has patched a number of security flaws in its GPU display drivers for Windows and Linux as well as its Nvidia Virtual GPU (vGPU) management software. 

In total, the company's latest security update addresses six vulnerabilities in its display drivers and 10 security flaws that affect its vGPU management software. If exploited these vulnerabilities could lead to denial of service, escalation of privileges, data tampering or information disclosure on unpatched Windows and Linux systems.

Successful exploitation would allow an attacker to escalate privileges or to render machines running vulnerable drivers or software temporarily unusable by triggering a denial of service state.

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