Great article on cracking passwords, including info from Bruce Schneier. Don't forget about l0phtcrack for some serious 64-bit auditing and recovery. What tools do you use?Roger Grimes presents a useful tool for figuring out how susceptible your network might be to a password-cracking attack. Most password-cracking scenarios focus on attacks that convert a captured hash to its plain-text password equivalent using an offline attack and hash or rainbow table database. Capturing password hashes assumes a lot. In most cases, the attacker must have highly privileged access (admin or root) to get to the hashes; if they do, they can inflict much more other damage. So why just discuss password cracking?

Further, in the Windows world, a remote attacker must have local administrator access on a computer and NetBIOS access, which is often blocked by the perimeter firewall. Despite popular belief, today's Windows logon password hashes cannot be sniffed off the wire. Plus, if an attacker can get the hash, he or she can conduct a "pass-the-hash" attack and not worry about converting it in the first place.

The link for this article located at InfoWorld is no longer available.