EnGarde Secure Linux v3.0.9 Now Available

    Date03 Oct 2006
    Posted ByBrittany Day
    Guardian Digital is happy to announce the release of EnGarde Secure Community 3.0.9 (Version 3.0, Release 9). This release includes several bug fixes and feature enhancements to the Guardian Digital WebTool and the SELinux policy, several updated packages, and a couple of new packages available for installation.

    EnGarde Secure Community is a secure distribution of Linux engineered from the ground-up to provide organizations with the level of security required to create a corporate Web presence or even conduct e-business on the Web. It can be used as a Web, DNS, e-mail, database, e-commerce, and general Internet server where security is a primary concern.

    The following reported bugs from bugs.engardelinux.org are fixed in this release:

    • #0000076 Cannot install amavisd-new
    • #0000077 VSFTPD Default Install Feature Request.
    • #0000078 Console login freezes with admin user
    • #0000079 httpd_webmail boolean needs setting for squirrelmail to ...
    • #0000080 No php settings in httpd.conf
    • #0000081 /etc/httpd/modules symlink redirects to non existing location
    • #0000082 GDSN: Package Management
    • #0000083 Domain Name Service: Zone Listing
    • #0000084 aide log filter wrong
    • #0000086 WebTool freezes if updates.guardiandigital.com is not ...
    • #0000087 Aide multiple packages and fail to remove the older one
    • #0000088 NForce SATA Support
    • #0000089 static dhcp host deletion/creation/modification
    • #0000091 Does Not Detect the on board Ethernet card and the audio card

    Several other bugs are fixed in this release as well.

    New features include:

    • The GDSN Update Agent and the Auditing (Logging and Reporting) subsystems were re-written by Ankit Patel to be AJAX-based. These interfaces are now much improved.

    • New SELinux policy for 'bittorrent', 'httperf', 'and 'john' was written, courtesy of Vincenzo Ciaglia.

    • The latest stable versions of MySQL (5.0.24a), asterisk (, bind (9.3.2-P1), gnupg (1.4.5), iptables (1.3.6), libpcap (0.9.5), m4 (1.4.7), mrtg (2.14.7), openssh (4.4p1), openssl (0.9.8c), php (4.4.4), php5 (5.1.6), samba (3.0.23c), squid (2.6.STABLE3), tcpdump (3.9.5), vsftpd (2.0.5), and zaptel (

    • New packages: python-zope-interface (3.0.1), python-twisted (2.4.0), python-twisted-conch (0.7.0), python-twisted-lore (0.2.0), python-twisted-mail (0.3.0), python-twisted-names (0.3.0), python-twisted-news (0.2.0), python-twisted-runner (0.2.0), python-twisted-web (0.6.0), python-twisted-words (0.4.0), and python-crypto (2.0.1).

    All new users downloading EnGarde Secure Linux for the first time or users who use the LiveCD environment should download this release.

    Users who are currently using EnGarde Secure Linux do not need to download this release -- they can update their machines via the Guardian Digital Secure Network WebTool module.


    Below are the MD5 sums for the i686 and x86_64 ISO images:

    f8a76195da2af0f603ec874fea027ad2 engarde-community-3.0.9.i686.iso
    52ad6c4bf98baad984e0d78672fb49c4 engarde-community-3.0.9.x86_64.iso

    You may download this ISO image via FTP or BitTorrent by following the "Download Now!" link from engardelinux.org:


    (It may take several days for this image to make it to our mirrors, please be patient).

    Further Information

    New users are encouraged to explore our community forum and wiki:

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