Turnkey Linux 14: Small business server Linux made easy


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Turnkey Linux 14: Small business server Linux made easy

Turnkey has improved SSL/TLS security. The net result is that TurnKey appliance's overall administrator tools, Webmin and Webshell, are now hidden behind stunnel using TLS. In addition, the three supported web servers used across appliances (Apache, LigHTTPd and Nginx) are now configured to use consistent hardened TLS cipher suite and settings. The Tomcat JavaServer also has hardened TLS settings.

As before, Turnkey continues to offer a wide variety of both popular and niche server programs. These include commonly used programs such as WordPress blogging, the Node.js Javascript runtime environment, and Drupal content management system (CMS) It also offers more exotic servers including Ushahidi crisis crowd-sourcing server; Zurmo, a gamified customer-relationship management (CRM) application; and Sahana Eden, a humanitarian response management system.

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