Security Features: What Does Windows 7 Have That Linux Doesn't?

    Date11 Nov 2009
    Posted ByAlex
    Here is a nice overview of the security features on Linux and Windows, particularly focusing on the disk and system encryption functionality this time.

    How well do popular Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE stack up against Microsoft's new desktop flagship, Windows 7? eWEEK Labs identified 10 features new in Windows 7 and put them head-to-head with popular Linux distros to see how the platforms compete. Labs Analysts Jason Brooks and Andrew Garcia found that Version 7 makes big strides on the Windows front with its new features, but that Linux is competitive by most counts.

    AppLocker for Linux? On most Linux distributions, including Ubuntu and Fedora, restricting software installation to signed packages is the default behavior. These distributions also offer enhanced access controls through frameworks such as SELinux and AppArmor.

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