The Year Of Encryption Is Upon Is Socialimage

Each year has its defining moments and trends. Learn why 2020 will be the "Year of Encryption":

1969 will forever be known as the year humanswalked on the moon. Gary Ross Dahl rocked the world again in 1975 with the introduction ofthe Pet Rock. AndMTV celebrated the moon landingand popular culture – and changed the music world – when it launched in 1981.

The world remembers 1989 asthe year the Berlin Wall fell, opening the door to a unified Germany. It’s hard to forget 2008, the yearthe financial crisishit. And 2015 was the year of the millennial, when this groupsurpassed baby boomers as the biggest U.S. generation.

Each year has its defining moments and trends. And 2020 will be the Year of Encryption.

Here’s why: Encryption is a key technology in protecting sensitive information such as social security numbers, government IDs and financial data. It is also an important part of personal data privacy – a key consumer and compliance concern. Given the importance of encryption it is also a subject of debate at the U.S. state and federal level and elsewhere in the world.

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