Hackers Hit Twitter More for Devilry Than Profit

    Date22 Sep 2010
    Posted ByAlex
    The latest hacker to hit Twitter this week unleashed a smutty bit of code that redirected unwitting users to a porn site. Such hacks are certainly unwelcome, but they resemble the not-for-profit pranks pulled by hackers of a bygone era. Nowadays, black-hat hacking is big business. Will malware writers soon see more financial opportunities in attacking Twitter? Twitter was hit by what's called an "onMouseOver" attack this week that affected thousands of users.

    The attack exploited a security flaw in Twitter, Bob Lord, a member of the site's security team, wrote on the company's blog. Users dubbed the hole the "onMouseOver" flaw because the first attack turned tweets different colors and brought up a popup box when a user's mouse hovered over a link in the Tweet, Lord wrote. Other hackers added code that caused victims to unknowingly retweet the original message, according to Lord.

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