New Firefox Plug-In Double-Checks So-Called Unsafe Sites

    Date04 Sep 2008
    Posted ByBill Keys
    Like other new browsers, the latest version of Firefox has made security a top priority, and it will alert the user if a site you're about to click on appears to be a hacker's hook. However, the way it and other browsers go about determining that sometimes results in false positives. A new Firefox plug-in adds an additional layer of verification.Intercepting Internet traffic and spying on the communication Improve customer service and productivity with Avaya Unified Communications. between two computers is a gold mine for hackers. Now Carnegie Mellon University researchers hope software they've built will make it harder for criminals to hit that jackpot. This article looks at a new plug-in for Firefox that is designed to prevent users from going to malicious websites. Have you testing this plug-in out, if so what do you think about it? Does it have too many false negatives?
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