Ever had an ipv4 network address that is supposed to migrate over via a high availability mechanism simply not work or even stranger if there were several addresses some do and some do not? An experienced network administrator probably has seen mysterious non-migrating addresses, however, within this context is presented a rather interesting "solution" to when it has been observed.

The Setup

For simplicity two addresses will be used, the idea being if a service or server in part of a 2 node high availability cluster are detected down via a heartbeat check the node that is up takes over (unless it is the one already holding the addresses). There are some details that need to be presented as well:

  • The compute nodes are on the same logical but different physical networks and communicate via a switch.
  • There is a cisco global site selector in front of the compute nodes.
  • The compute nodes are running a recent version of Red Hat Linux.

The link for this article located at systhread.net is no longer available.