Linux 5.5development has been picking up in recent days following Christmas week and New Year's but now more upstream developers returning to their keyboards in order to get this next kernel update buttoned up for its debut around month's end. Learn about the fixes and improvements that users can expect when they update to Linux 5.5-rc5:

Linus Torvalds noted that with today's Linux 5.5-rc5 release are "fixes all over" to drivers, core networking, various architectures, and security subsystem fixes. But he sums it up as "a bit of a mixed bag of small fixes all over." One of those Linux 5.5-rc5 fixes worth pointing out isthe AppArmor fix for a performance regressionthat was picked up in our earlier 5.5 benchmarks.

In Linus Torvalds brief5.5-rc5 announcementhe also pays tribute to the recent passing of Bruce Evans, a Minix developer responsible for much of the i386 work, back from the days Linus was using it prior to Linux becoming self-hosting.

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