Linux Kernel 55 Releases 640x367

With the regular milestone of Release Candidate (rc7), Linus Torvalds hasannouncedthe first stable release of the Linux kernel 5.5 for the general public.Apart from the last-minute network driver fixes, Linux 5.5 includes various improvements for security,the new and upcoming hardware platforms such as Raspberry Pi 4, Intel processors, and Chromebooks.

Linux 5.5, named as Kleptomaniac Octopus, brings many file system changes to the XFS, exFAT, and ext4. Ext4 now has direct I/O via iomap and fscrypt support for smaller block sizes.

To further increase the security, VMs on Microsoft Hyper-V can finally hibernate, and kernel concurrency sanitizer sets for spotting data race conditions. Inspired by WireGuard’s zinc crypto API, cryptoimproves to support WireGuard in the upcoming Linux 5.6.

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