1.Penguin Landscape

Alexandre Oliva announced today the release and general availability of the GNU Linux-libre 6.1 kernel for those who seek 100% freedom for their GNU/Linux computers.

Based on the Linux 6.1 kernel series, the GNU Linux-libre 6.1 kernel is here to adjust several drivers that needed deblobbing or due to code rearrangement, including AMDGPU and i915 DRM, brcmfmac, Intel ACPI sound, r8188eu, and rtw8852c Wi-Fi.

Also deblobbed was the rtw8852b Wi-Fi driver, and the cleaning up code of the drivers for TM6000 TV cards, as well as AV7110, SP-8870, and CPiA2-based budget media cards have been adjusted due to the fact that they’ve been moved upstream to a deprecated directory.