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The latest Linux kernel boasts security, speed, and power improvements for Intel, AMD, ARM, and RISC-V architectures.

The latest Linux kernel is out with a slew of new features -- and, for once, this release has been nice and easy.

As Linux creator Linus Torvalds wrote on the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML): "It's been a calm release this time around … so here we are, right on schedule, with the 6.3 release out and ready for your enjoyment."

While the straightforward release is good news, Torvalds warns there could still be challenges ahead: "That doesn't mean that something nasty couldn't have been lurking all these weeks, of course, but let's just take things at face value and hope it all means that everything is fine, and it really was a nice controlled release cycle. It happens."

Calm doesn't mean boring. True, the features of this release are not as exciting as earlier ones that included Rust or Apple M1 support. But there are still some major new features in the Linux 6.3 kernel.

Speaking of Rust, everyone's favorite memory-safe language, the new kernel comes with user-mode Linux support for Rust code.