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The latest version of Linux, Linux 6.3, has been released following a "nice, controlled release cycle," according to project boss Linus Torvalds. The release cycle required seven release candidates, which were supported by helpful developer behavior.

However, Torvalds cautioned that "something nasty couldn't have been lurking all these weeks," urging real-world testing to ensure the release is ready for prime-time consumption.

Despite not being a long-term support (LTS) release, Linux 6.3 includes some interesting features that will be beneficial for users. One of the most significant is improved support for multi-actuator hard disk drives.

This is becoming increasingly important as more hyperscale cloud operators adopt these drives, which feature a second set of read/write heads that enable faster performance. With Linux 6.3, the kernel is now better equipped to handle these drives, providing users with improved functionality.

Linux 6.3 also includes support for Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization on China's Loongson RISC-V processors. This security feature allows the kernel to load into different areas of memory each time it boots, making it more difficult for attackers to target specific areas.