Learn how to securely configure FirewallD to manage your firewalls and improve the security of your network in this tutorial.

Net-filter as we all know it’s a firewall in Linux. Firewalld is a dynamic daemon to manage firewalls with support for network zones. In the earlier version, RHEL & CentOS 6 we have been using iptables as a daemon for packet filtering framework. In RHEL/CentOS 7/8, Fedora and openSUSE – rong>iptables interface is being replaced by firewalld.

It’s recommended to start using Firewalld instead of iptables as this may discontinue in the future. However, iptables are still supported and can be installed with the yum command. We can’t keep Firewalld and iptables both in the same system which may lead to conflict.

In iptables, we used to configure as INPUT, OUTPUT & FORWARD CHAINS but here in Firewalld, the concept uses Zones. By default, there are different zones available in firewalld, which will be discussed in this article.