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The WireGuard VPN protocol, which is smaller, faster and easier to configure than IPsec, has been merged into Linus Torvalds' git repository for version 5.6 of the Linux kernel, the next release.

There is no set date for Linux kernel releases. Version 5.5 was released on 26 January 2020 and there is typically a couple of months between releases, so 5.6 may come in April.

WireGuard in 5.6 is not a surprise. The code was merged into network maintainer Dave Miller's repositoryin December 2019but not pulled in by Torvalds until today. "Linus pulled in net-next about a half hour ago. So WireGuard is now officially upstream," said the announcement on the WireGuard mailing list. WireGuard developer Jason Donenfeldsharedhis excitement at the news, but added: "I look forward to start refining some of [the] rougher areas of WireGuard now."

The link for this article located at The Register UK is no longer available.