A new bill introduced by Sens. Chris Coons and Mike Lee would prevent “abuse” of facial recognition technology by federal authorities. Learn more in this Security Today article:

Following ongoing scrutiny of the use of facial recognition technology by police and the government, two senatorshave introduced a billrequiring federal law enforcement to obtain a warrant before using the software to conduct public surveillance.

Sens. Chris Coons (D-Delaware) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) introduced The Facial Recognition Technology Warrant Act on Nov. 14 as part of an effort to regulate how authorities can use the tool, which has been criticized as invasive and less accurate when identifying people of color and women.

In a statement, Coons and Lee said that facial recognition can be a valuable tool for police but could “violate the privacy of individual Americans” if used improperly. While introducing the bill, Lee said that Americans deserve protection from “facial recognition abuse.”

The link for this article located at Security Today is no longer available.