AI isn’t going to replace us, but it will make it easier to deliver services that keep people safe.

Artificial intelligence has been in the headlines a lot recently. It will help save mankind or usher in the robot apocalypse, depending on which article you read.

Security professionals, who have spent the past decade creating connected buildings and bringing digital devices into the homes of millions of consumers, understandably have mixed feelings about A.I. My view of artificial intelligence comes from years of innovating in the security business. With the right approach and controls, I believe A.I. presents an exciting opportunity for our industry.

The use of A.I. to better serve and solve problems for our customers means we will move from simply protecting property to proactively ensuring our customers’ well-being. It means we’ll be able to partner with other industries, such as healthcare, and add a range of services to what we already offer.

The link for this article located at Security Today is no longer available.