Debian 10.10 has been released with the latest security updates. Some popular packages that have received updates in this update include the Linux Kernel, Nvidia graphics drivers, OpenVPN, Firefox ESR, OpenSSL, Chromium, and OpenJDK.

The Debian Project has announced the availability of Debian 10.10. As with other Debian point releases, Debian 10.10 does not constitute a major release to Debian, rather, it rolls up all the latest packages into a brand new ISO that can be used to install Debian without then having to apply post-install updates.

Anyone who is currently using Debian and has kept their system up-to-date will be on Debian 10.10 already. If you were thinking about installing Debian 10 with pre-existing installation media; you can do that and apply available updates later. Just because Debian 10.10 has been released, it doesn’t mean you have to create new installation media.