CentOS is becoming a rolling Linux distribution - and many users aren't happy about it. This change leaves businesses depending on CentOS for a stable server or embedded operating system in the lurch.


Red HatCentOS's Linux parent company, announced it was "shifting focus from CentOS Linux, the rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), to CentOS Stream, which tracks just ahead of a current RHEL release." In other words, CentOS will no longer be a stable point distribution but a rolling release Linux distribution. CentOS users are ticked off.

Why? First, you need to understand what's going on. A rolling-release Linux is one that's constantly being updated. Examples of these include ArchManjaro, and openSUSE Tumbleweed. Here, CentOS Stream will be RHEL's upstream (development) branch. This may sound like CentOS will be RHEL's beta, but CentOS denies this.