AT&T asks FCC to maintain net neutrality

    Date17 Dec 2009
    Posted ByAlex
    In an apparent shift in position, anti-net neutrality telco AT&T has called on US regulator the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to preserve the open character of the internet. James Cicconi, AT&T's senior executive vice president for external and legislative affairs, argued in an open letter sent yesterday that "preserving the open character of the internet is critically important to ensuring that all consumers have the opportunity to be creators of content and innovators from their homes or their garages".

    However, in a tone more typical of AT&T's previously sceptical attitude to net neutrality, the letter goes on to urge the regulator to protect and expand incentives that drive the substantially private investment necessary to realise the full potential of the internet.

    The company also insisted that the FCC should move away from the creation of strict non-discrimination rules, as the impact on broadband providers could stifle investment in networks.

    "A strict non-discrimination rule could limit the availability of creative and innovative services that consumers may purchase, and could cause a ban on voluntary commercial agreements for the paid provision of value-added broadband services," it said.

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