Malware uses copyright threats to blackmail victims

    Date19 Apr 2010
    Posted ByAnthony Pell
    Security experts at Trend Micro have identified a new Trojan spreading from Japan which threatens to post the internet history of infected users. The Kenzero Trojan masquerades as a download for an adult Hentai computer game, primarily shared on the popular Japanese Winny peer-to-peer network.

    Once downloaded, the malware opens a registration screen for the game demanding personal information while scanning the computer's user account, domain and computer name, operating system version, clipboard content, file use history and Internet Explorer favourites.

    The malware then publishes all the data on a public web site and sends the victim an email from a shell company called Romancing Inc, which owns the domain publishing the personal data.

    The email accuses the user of copyright theft, and threatens a court case if damages are not forthcoming.

    "I would go so far as to say that the Japanese attack linking 'name and shame', pornography and threats of legal action is the first of its kind," Rik Ferguson, senior security advisor at Trend Micro, told

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