IT security and data protection firm Sophos is warning internet users who have visited the Gizmodo technology and gadget blog to scan their computers after it was revealed that the website was delivering adverts laced with malware last week.
According to a statement on the Gizmodo website, the blog's advertising team were tricked into accepting what they believed to be Suzuki adverts from a group of hackers. As a result, one of the world's most popular blogs - with more than 3.1 million page views per day - put users at risk of infection with what is believed to have been fake anti-virus software, designed to scam users out of their credit card details.

Fake anti-virus software (also known as scareware) attempts to frighten users into believing that their computer is infected with viruses and Trojan horses by displaying bogus alerts, and then tricks unsuspecting surfers into making an unsafe purchase to remedy the "problem".

The link for this article located at Sophos is no longer available.