Open Source

The newly formed Open Source Security Foundation includes technology giants such as Google, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, among others. The organization aims to improve the security of OSS through the creation of "targeted initiatives," streamlining recommended best practices, and more.


Open-source code has become integral for global organizations across. In 2019, Red Hat's initial State of Enterprise Open Source survey found that 69% of IT professionals surveyed believed open-source software to be very important or extremely important. In the 2020 Red Hat survey, more than three-quarters (77%) of IT leaders believed the use of open source solutions in the enterprise will continue to see growth.

Today, the creation of the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF). The newly formed organization is intended to unite leaders across industries to enhance open-source software (OSS) security. To do so, this multi-industry collaborative will focus on creating "targeted initiatives," streamlining recommended best practices, and more. Overall, the partnership involves efforts from major players in the tech industry including IBM, Google, GitHub, Microsoft, Okta, Intel, and others.