On March 29th Google officially began accepting applications from students for Google Summer of Code 2010, which the Honeynet Project is very exicted to be participating in again this year as a mentoring organisation. We've recently updated our project ideas page and mentor information and students have until 19:00 UTC on Friday April 9th to apply (you can either chose one of our ideas or propose your own).
If you are interested in applying to be a student and you haven't already said hello on #gsoc-honeynet on irc.freenode.net then please pop by if you have any questions. Most people find speaking to a project mentor before they apply helps them understand more about what is required to write a good application and we are always happy to answer questions (although please remember that since our members come from chapters all round the world it might take a few hours for someone to respond.

The link for this article located at HoneyNet Project is no longer available.