Google [1] has patched 11 vulnerabilities [2] in the Windows version of Chrome [3], including one that earned its finder the first $1,337 check from the company's new bug bounty program. Like Apple [4], which updated Safari last week [5], Google beefed up the security [6] of its browser just days before the Pwn2Own browser [7] hacking [8] contest was to kick off in Canada.
The update to Chrome fixes six flaws rated "high," the second-most-severe ranking in Google's four-step threat system; plugs three "medium" holes; and quashes two "low" bugs.

Danish vulnerability tracker Secunia rated [11] the update as "highly critical."

Although Google typically hides technical details of the most serious vulnerabilities when it issues an update -- it blocks bug tracker entries to prevent attackers from using the information -- all of the 11 bugs are behind the wall this time.

"The referenced bugs may be kept private until a majority of our users are up to date with the fix," explained Orit Mazor, a technical program manager with the Chrome team, in a blog entry [12] Wednesday.

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