Linux Mint developers - with some new hardware - have tackled the challenge of compiling and releasing Mint's own version of the open-source Chromium web browser.


Linux Mint is a very popular Linux desktop distribution. I use the latest version, Mint 20, on my production desktops. That's partly because, while it's based on Debian Linux and Ubuntu, it takes its own path. The best example of that is Mint's excellent homebrew desktop interface, Cinnamon. Now, Mint's programmers, led by lead developer, Clement "Clem" Lefebvre, have built their own take on Google's open-source Chromium web browser.

Some of you may be saying, "Wait, haven't they offered Chromium for years? Well, yes, and no. 

For years, Mint used Ubuntu's Chromium build. But then Canonical, Ubuntu's parent company, moved from releasing Chromium as an APT-compatible DEB package to a Snap.