CloudLinux UChecker

Outdated Linux server libraries may be leaving your server vulnerable to attack. CloudLinux UChecker can quickly list out-of-date libraries on AlamaLinux or a similar distro. Learn how to scan your RHEL-based Linux servers for outdated libraries with UChecker.

CloudLinux has burst onto the scene as a major player in the Linux server game. This started with their release of AlmaLinux, to take the place of CentOS Stream. That was followed up with the addition of a Linux support service, called TuxCare. The company has continued its show of support by offering a tool that should give Linux server admins some much-needed oxygen. Said tool is UChecker, which can scan your RHEL-based servers for outdated libraries, but in-memory and on disk. This is an important task, one that poses a significant challenge otherwise. 

UChecker can scan the likes of RHEL, CentOS (but not CentOS Stream), AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux and CloudLinux Solo. In fact, just about any server distribution based on RHEL can be scanned with UChecker. I've attempted to use it on Ubuntu-based distributions and even Fedora, with no luck—stick with the likes of AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux and you'll be good to go.