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New York City lawmakers are not advocating an outright ban of facial recognition technology, but say that regulation is necessary to know how police and business owners are using the software. What is your opinion on this? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Learn more in a great Security Today article:

Spurred by the use of facial recognition software in Madison Square Garden, new legislation proposed by the New York City Council could bring regulation of the technology to the country’s largest metropolitan area.

Interestingly, lawmakers in the city are taking a different approach to facial recognition than their counterparts in three California cities and one Massachusetts town, where the use of the software by police and public agencies is now banned.

New York City Councilman Ritchie Torres, who introduced a bill that would require businesses to notify customers that they are using facial recognition, said he is cautioning legislators to “tread carefully rather than going too far” by banning it.

The link for this article located at Security Today is no longer available.