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    Debian: apache Buffer overflow vulnerability

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    A remote user could potentially cause arbitrary code to be executed with the privileges of an Apache httpd child process (by default, user www-data).
    Debian Security Advisory DSA 525-1                     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                             Matt Zimmerman
    June 24th, 2004                
    - --------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Package        : apache
    Vulnerability  : buffer overflow
    Problem-Type   : remote
    Debian-specific: no
    CVE Ids        : CAN-2004-0492
    Georgi Guninski discovered a buffer overflow bug in Apache's mod_proxy
    module, whereby a remote user could potentially cause arbitrary code
    to be executed with the privileges of an Apache httpd child process
    (by default, user www-data).  Note that this bug is only exploitable
    if the mod_proxy module is in use.
    Note that this bug exists in a module in the apache-common package,
    shared by apache, apache-ssl and apache-perl, so this update is
    sufficient to correct the bug for all three builds of Apache httpd.
    However, on systems using apache-ssl or apache-perl, httpd will not
    automatically be restarted.
    For the current stable distribution (woody), this problem has been
    fixed in version 1.3.26-0woody5.
    For the unstable distribution (sid), this problem has been fixed in
    version 1.3.31-2.
    We recommend that you update your apache package.
    Upgrade Instructions
    - --------------------
    wget url
            will fetch the file for you
    dpkg -i file.deb
            will install the referenced file.
    If you are using the apt-get package manager, use the line for
    sources.list as given below:
    apt-get update
            will update the internal database
    apt-get upgrade
            will install corrected packages
    You may use an automated update by adding the resources from the
    footer to the proper configuration.
    Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 alias woody
    - --------------------------------
      Source archives:
          Size/MD5 checksum:      668 728e205962ce1f02155cdeeae3b33596
          Size/MD5 checksum:   299155 1f6504cbb56e55b0b67b5f911dc7601a
          Size/MD5 checksum:  2586182 5cd778bbe6906b5ef39dbb7ef801de61
      Architecture independent components:
          Size/MD5 checksum:  1129912 25ce8bbf0d753fa2b7a6e26c32f34789
      Alpha architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:   395496 3681480dcd48c186aa3759e7a3aeabe0
          Size/MD5 checksum:   925884 5deb71887a2bda9b51a84d52809ee96d
          Size/MD5 checksum:   713886 ef9f3a034e9e995397c966c4ccb1ba14
      ARM architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:   361138 20108dbf929f356aeb02d9adf40317c7
          Size/MD5 checksum:   838572 bace0690140cc427ae34bc82a169ebd1
          Size/MD5 checksum:   544356 7ebfaea0a36f5661c82f8facbeb97199
      Intel IA-32 architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:   353488 0cb1fefd1daf2f3d3d74bc837e5dcee6
          Size/MD5 checksum:   822024 8f94a40d22fe86da3a513945745b46bd
          Size/MD5 checksum:   536422 18bec488eb2cb1f08234d063f3f018fc
      Intel IA-64 architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:   436866 d73b9c14b39b1ce3cecdf25c4bb7b4d3
          Size/MD5 checksum:  1012118 70574b1082626c0a63e4214ed2565965
          Size/MD5 checksum:   949112 f455cbafb0be5fdbb61841e5f538f649
      HP Precision architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:   386164 2b45089dda26eba6c04313b636ac6d90
          Size/MD5 checksum:   891114 b777e3971bfcf3fabcd8f00a6356f193
          Size/MD5 checksum:   587064 b06b99057dce7e6501e716d65f8e75f9
      Motorola 680x0 architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:   347890 5d0c289522098f0f209df8444bb59b9e
          Size/MD5 checksum:   820892 ec0656021adabae1022b461b882775b0
          Size/MD5 checksum:   537236 280185606f9d5160454bc355818007fa
      Big endian MIPS architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:   376464 a94cf93b405cf05372fc5d4f8bf7672f
          Size/MD5 checksum:   843944 cb9e216b23a38b6d39296ce8b7ccf996
          Size/MD5 checksum:   576406 7cfff44064ce0f2a02c9cbb97b068d83
      Little endian MIPS architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:   376518 770cd115049bb2158e201549cc35520a
          Size/MD5 checksum:   842596 3b85507e74eb531d61429befd63ece53
          Size/MD5 checksum:   565592 2399177b56c48b52abe29ff6a48d5299
      PowerPC architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:   366994 679d12a1cef75a8aa5b3408ab5c0bd79
          Size/MD5 checksum:   846036 7188ed09e4fc2a18fbb426516f57fe8b
          Size/MD5 checksum:   558974 e42357dd7be10c9bbc2b36a865792f5b
      IBM S/390 architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:   363750 c5e1a6db42fce09c1e4076640894cb4f
          Size/MD5 checksum:   832464 3df3958b908e8f3acbe05f3e6acc032f
          Size/MD5 checksum:   559418 ef6af5cb54b3f4da25be386bf2c89ec7
      Sun Sparc architecture:
          Size/MD5 checksum:   360892 ed75775f79c9ed173c9e0baf2450be01
          Size/MD5 checksum:   847292 b54050e25ac6166e390dd72018538bcf
          Size/MD5 checksum:   544812 d3b7f0401f78d5f4d87e724d0f17f30f
      These files will probably be moved into the stable distribution on
      its next revision.
    - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    For apt-get: deb stable/updates main
    For dpkg-ftp: dists/stable/updates/main
    Mailing list: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Package info: `apt-cache show ' and


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