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    Debian: DSA-4403-1: php7.0 security update
    Date08 Mar 2019
    Hits: 3894

    Multiple security issues were found in PHP, a widely-used open source general purpose scripting language: The EXIF extension had multiple ...

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    Debian: DSA-4402-1: mumble security update
    Date05 Mar 2019
    Hits: 4908

    It was discovered that insufficient restrictions in the connection handling of Mumble, a low latency encrypted VoIP client, could result ...

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    Debian: DSA-4401-1: wordpress security update
    Date01 Mar 2019
    Hits: 6655

    Several vulnerabilities were discovered in Wordpress, a web blogging tool. They allowed remote attackers to perform various Cross-Side Scripting (XSS) ...

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    Debian: DSA-4400-1: openssl1.0 security update
    Date28 Feb 2019
    Hits: 6057

    Juraj Somorovsky, Robert Merget and Nimrod Aviram discovered a padding oracle attack in OpenSSL. For the stable distribution (stretch), this ...

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