Debian Essential And Critical Security Patch Updates - Page 4.15

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Debian: DSA-5637-1: squid security update


Several security vulnerabilities have been discovered in Squid, a full featured web proxy cache. Due to programming errors in Squid's HTTP request parsing, remote attackers may be able to execute a denial of service attack by sending large X-Forwarded-For header or trigger a stack buffer overflow while

Debian: DSA-5631-1: iwd security update


It was discovered that iwd, the iNet Wireless Daemon, does not properly handle messages in the 4-way handshake used when connecting to a protected WiFi network for the first time. An attacker can take advantage of this flaw to gain unauthorized access to a protected WiFi

Debian: DSA-5628-1: imagemagick security update


This update fixes multiple vulnerabilities in Imagemagick: Various memory handling problems and cases of missing or incomplete input sanitising may result in denial of service, memory disclosure or potentially the execution of arbitrary code if malformed image files are processed.

Debian: DSA-5620-1: unbound security update


Two vulnerabilities were discovered in unbound, a validating, recursive, caching DNS resolver. Specially crafted DNSSEC answers could lead unbound down a very CPU intensive and time costly DNSSEC (CVE-2023-50387) or NSEC3 hash (CVE-2023-50868) validation path,