Fedora 31: elog FEDORA-2020-f49fe7f011

    Date 24 Jan 2020
    Posted By LinuxSecurity Advisories
    Security fix for CVE-2019-3993, CVE-2019-3994, CVE-2019-3995, CVE-2019-3992, CVE-2019-3996
    Fedora Update Notification
    2020-01-25 06:33:58.981322
    Name        : elog
    Product     : Fedora 31
    Version     : 3.1.4
    Release     : 1.20190113git283534d97d5a.fc31
    URL         : https://midas.psi.ch/elog/
    Summary     : Logbook system to manage notes through a Web interface
    Description :
    ELOG is part of a family of applications known as weblogs. Their general
    purpose is:
    1. To make it easy for people to put information online in a chronological
    fashion, in the form of short, time-stamped text messages ("entries") with
    optional HTML markup for presentation, and optional file attachments
    (images, archives, etc.)
    2. To make it easy for other people to access this information through a
    Web interface, browse entries, search, download files, and optionally add,
    update, delete or comment on entries.
    ELOG is a remarkable implementation of a weblog in at least two respects:
    1. Its simplicity of use: you don't need to be a seasoned server operator
    and/or an experimented database administrator to run ELOG ; one executable
    file (under Unix or Windows), a simple configuration text file, and it works.
    No Web server or relational database required. It is also easy to translate
    the interface to the appropriate language for your users.
    2. Its versatility: through its single configuration file, ELOG can be made
    to display an infinity of variants of the weblog concept. There are options
    for what to display, how to display it, what commands are available and to
    whom, access control, etc. Moreover, a single server can host several
    weblogs, and each weblog can be totally different from the rest.
    Update Information:
    Security fix for CVE-2019-3993, CVE-2019-3994, CVE-2019-3995, CVE-2019-3992,
    * Mon Jan 13 2020 Ben Rosser  - 3.1.4-1.20190113git283534d97d5a
    - Update to post-release snapshot of 3.1.4.
    - Fix several security issues.
      [ 1 ] Bug #1787064 - CVE-2019-3993 elog: allows recover an user password hash by sending a crafted HTTP POST request
      [ 2 ] Bug #1787060 - CVE-2019-3994 elog: use-after-free by sending multiple crafted HTTP POST requests
      [ 3 ] Bug #1787055 - CVE-2019-3995 elog: NULL pointer dereference via crafted HTTP GET request
      [ 4 ] Bug #1787051 - CVE-2019-3992 elog: allows access the server configuration file by sending a HTTP GET request
      [ 5 ] Bug #1786750 - CVE-2019-3996 elog: unauthenticated remote users can proxy HTTP GET requests via crafted POST requests
    This update can be installed with the "dnf" update program. Use
    su -c 'dnf upgrade --advisory FEDORA-2020-f49fe7f011' at the command
    line. For more information, refer to the dnf documentation available at
    All packages are signed with the Fedora Project GPG key. More details on the
    GPG keys used by the Fedora Project can be found at
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